My Hair Care Regimen

I have very curly hair, previously I would only shampoo my hair once a week just recently I started this new shampoo diet that my aunt told me about, I am only shampooing my hair the first day of every month now.  I condition almost every day sometimes I skip a day, conditioning is always my first and last step, you will understand in a few.  When I condition I make sure to scrub and massage my scalp for about a minute (since shampoo does most of the actual cleaning, I want to make sure I get all the nasty stuff off of my scalp with out over drying). Then I comb my hair with my fingers and tie my hair up in to a bun while I wash my face, body, and brush my teeth. Last I flip my head over, take out the hair tie and rinse off all the conditioner by scrunching my hair.  When I am done I dry my hair with a paper towel by once again, scrunching.  Towels create frizz while the paper towel locks in moisture.  I feel that the most important  steps are to RINSE YOUR HAIR UPSIDE DOWN AND DRY WITH PAPER TOWEL!  I have not yet gotten any complaints about  smelly hair and I ask my boyfriend and roommate to sniff my head all the time!

I just got my hair cut, I am starting a hair growth journey and will be trimming my hair every 3 months.  Even though I look nasty in some of these pictures, here are some pictures that show the type of hair I have.



curly haair

curly haair




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