Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture Review

I’ve been using this product for about a week and love it. I made a review to show you the results and tips on applying it.

I bought this product at Rite Aid, it was $12.  I think it is a good price for the quality and quantity of the product.



Best Face Forward: What’s My Skin Type?

This is something interesting that I did not know. Enjoy.

Fabulous Bella

The first step to taking proper care of your skin is knowing your skin type. Many people choose the wrong products for their skin because they don’t know the difference between their skin type and their current skin condition. Your skin type is genetically predetermined and is the same from the day you’re born until the day you die.

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Acne Causing Makeup Brushes!

imgresIf you are like me when I’m in a rush, I’m messy and I often forget to put away my makeup brush so it stays on my dresser or on the sink, sometimes overnight exposed to millions of bacteria. Even if you are putting your brush away in your bag, your bag may not be the cleanest. The next day you grab your brush and apply your make up oblivious to the germs you are transferring. This cross contamination leads to acne, rather than throwing away your expensive brushes, I offer you an inexpensive solution:

How to clean your makeup brushes!

Mix a small solution that is half olive oil and half hand sanitizer in a small bowl.  Work the dirty brush into the mixture by rubbing the brush around in the solution or in the palm of your hand.  Do this without wetting the part of the brush where the bristles meet the ferrule (this is the metallic part in the picture) this is because you don’t want it to loosten up the glue that holds the bristles in.  Angle the brush down and rinse under water that is not very hot or very cold until the water runs clear.  Lastly when you are drying put your brushes on an angle so that the water does not go towards the ferrule but rather towards  the bristles.


I usually put a paper towel down and then put the paper towel roll on top and put my brush through the hole (faced bristle down,) so that my brush is standing almost completely up right.  I do this about once a week. I hope this works for you!