Acne Causing Makeup Brushes!

imgresIf you are like me when I’m in a rush, I’m messy and I often forget to put away my makeup brush so it stays on my dresser or on the sink, sometimes overnight exposed to millions of bacteria. Even if you are putting your brush away in your bag, your bag may not be the cleanest. The next day you grab your brush and apply your make up oblivious to the germs you are transferring. This cross contamination leads to acne, rather than throwing away your expensive brushes, I offer you an inexpensive solution:

How to clean your makeup brushes!

Mix a small solution that is half olive oil and half hand sanitizer in a small bowl.  Work the dirty brush into the mixture by rubbing the brush around in the solution or in the palm of your hand.  Do this without wetting the part of the brush where the bristles meet the ferrule (this is the metallic part in the picture) this is because you don’t want it to loosten up the glue that holds the bristles in.  Angle the brush down and rinse under water that is not very hot or very cold until the water runs clear.  Lastly when you are drying put your brushes on an angle so that the water does not go towards the ferrule but rather towards  the bristles.


I usually put a paper towel down and then put the paper towel roll on top and put my brush through the hole (faced bristle down,) so that my brush is standing almost completely up right.  I do this about once a week. I hope this works for you!



To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo hmmm

shampooDid you know that your scalp makes natural oils that nourish your hair, these oils help to moisturize and keep your hair healthy and strong. People who have straight hair usually have to wash more often because it  gets oily fast.  However when you have curly hair the oils take longer to reach the tips because it has to go through all the winds and curves it the hair strands, this can take a few days depending on the person.  Washing your curly hair every day can lead to dry and weak hair, when you do shampoo your hair only apply shampoo to the roots! NEVER THE ENDS! Many people think that the more suds that you get while scrubbing mean your hair is getting cleaner, this is WRONG, actually the suds are the enemy.  The suds in your shampoo are caused by sulfates, sulfates are in

“90% of soaps, shampoos, conditioner, shower gels, shaving cream, facial cleansers, detergents, toothpastes, mouthwash, dish soap, cleaning products, cosmetics, lotions and other products that “foam” and “bubble.”-Lana Loketff

Do you really wanna use the same chemical that is in detergent and cleaning products on your scalp?! I don’t think so.. Sulfate has alcohol in it that dries out your hair and scalp, this is why your hair feels so nasty after shampooing.  An easy fix is to buy a sulfate free conditioner.  Remember, moisture is the key to healthy hair, and dry hair will surly lead to split ends!


Silk Pillows


Changing from cotton pillowcases to silk ones can drastically improve your hair and skin!


Many of us go to extremes when it comes to preventing our hair from getting split ends, but did you ever think that your pillow case could be the problem? 99.9% of our population sleeps on cotton pillow cases. The tossing and turning that we do while sleeping on our cotton pillow cases are very harsh on the hair and skin.  Using a silk pillow case reduces your chances of breaking your hair and it also reduces the amount of frizziness you wake up to.  If you are like me and are always looking for an easy fix this is definitely a product you may want to invest in.


Have you ever woken up with pillow lines on your face that announce to the world that you have just woken up?  Sometimes these lines can stay on your cheeks for up to an hour after you have woken up!  Unlike cotton pillows silk pillows are not rough and do not pull on your skin, this keeps you from waking up with those ratchet lines and it also acts as an anti-aging agent by preventing wrinkles.  The threads in silk pillows are also woven tight which keeps dust and other allergens out, this is especially important for people who have skin that is easily irritated like mine.  Silk is also a fabric that is not very absorbent so it does not collect hair and face oils that will sit on your pillow and get into your pores the next day, this also keeps your face moisturized because your pillow is not sucking up your face cream.


I have owned two silk and one cotton pillow case for years the three pillows sat on my bed and I always used the cotton one.  A few months ago I found out about the wonders of the silk pillow case and I like it a lot.  I don’t really notice the anti-aging effects because I am 19, but I have noticed other things.  I noticed that with the silk pillow cases I don’t see strands of my hair on my pillow in the morning, I don’t wake up to pillow lines on my cheeks, and my personal favorite, my hair is not frizzy in the morning; this is a big deal for a person who has very curly hair like myself.  I highly recommend silk pillow cases.

Tell me what you think and let me know about the benefits or negative effects you have experienced with silk pillow cases.

Additional Information

Here is one that I found online that seems to be priced reasonably.  Keep in mind many hair stores sell these pillow cases so maybe shopping around for one you like wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Lastly, know that I have not purchased anything from this site before, always look at website reviews before buying from a new website.  I got my information from personal knowledge and this website.