The Secret to Curly Roots is in the Rinse!

rinseThe way you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner determines your volume for the day.  I think I may have founded this idea and I live by it, rinse your hair upside down.  When you are standing upright and rinse your hair your hair rests flat on your head, on the other hand when your hair is flipped over it is being lifted off of your head.  Make sure you are standing with your legs apart to keep your balance then flip your head so that the top of your head is nearly parallel to the ground and let the water run, you may run your fingers through your hair a few times and make sure you scrunch it a lot.  Then flip your hair upright and dry it.  Comb your hair in the shower before you rinse it because if you wait until you are out of the shower, you risk flattening the hair on the top of your head again.  My hair strands near my roots used to be straight and the rest of my hair would be curly, since I started doing this my curls now start at my roots.