Matte Nail Polish



Nail polish with a matte finish is a style that is trending this season, it started out on the runway and it is now making its way onto the streets.  This style of polish gives your nails an edgy look because the polish has no shine, instead the polish looks textured and chalky.  Combining the matted and regular nail polish gives your nails dimension and can make for a cute  and classy design that is easy to do.  Here are some options on how to get this matte look:

You can buy a matte polish

The Matte nail polishes range in price from $8 to $20 a bottle.  There aren’t many nail polish companies that make this kind of polish a few are Zoya, OPI, NYX and Orly.

You can buy a matte top coat

I think the idea of a top coat is great because you can make any one of your favorite nail polishes matte and void of shine with this top coat.  It gives you virtually unlimited colors and you are not limited.  To read more on this here is a link.


Want to do it yourself?  I have watched videos on how you can make nail polishes you already have into matte nail polishes, many of the videos use things you may already have in your home. This is the best outcome I have seen in all the tutorials I have watched, you can watch it here.


I have never made my own matte nail polish but I have tried matte nail polish.  I find that the brands OPI and Orly work best there is also a brand called SPARITUAL that works well.

Let me know what you think and how it worked out for you.  I would also like to know if anyone has tried to make their own matte polish, were you successful?

Additional Information

I bought my polish at stores not online so make sure you check the reviews on websites before you buy from them, you don’t wanna get scammed!